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What we Offer

We have a full laboratory for testing solutions including Titration for exacting tolerances. We also process to all commercial, industrial, meet military, aerospace, ASTM, and proprietary standards and specifications as required. We provide rack and barrel plating on aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and other alloy materials.


We can provide Brush Plating, plate in copper, nickel, silver, tin, zinc, dull and bright cadmium. Our chromic and sulphuric acid anodizing services meet military specification. We anodize in a variety of colors on Rack or Basket Anodizing for very small parts. Baking improves adhesion and provides stress and hydrogen embrittlement relief. Military specification and RoHS compliant chromate conversion coating.


Cleaning and degreasing and passivation services, including high humidity and copper sulfate testing. We also provide Nickel and Electroless nickel plating services. We can also provide abrasive blasting, bright dipping, masking, and stripping services. We have a well-equipped quality assurance lab and utilize X-ray fluorescence coating thickness and salt spray testing services.





Cadmium Plating, Bright & Dull:  

AMS-QQ-P-416/QQ-P-416 Type I & II;

AMS 2400; AMS 2401; ASTM B766; MIL-STD-870 

Copper:  MIL-C-14450; AMS 2418

Nickel:  AMS 2423; AMS 2424; ASTM B689; QQ-N-290


Silver Plating: AMS 2411; AMS 2412; ASTM B700; QQ-S-365


Tin Plating: AMS 2408; ASTM B545; MIL-T-10727


Zinc Plating: AMS 2402; AMS 2420;

ASTM B633 Types I, II, & III;

QQ-Z-325 Types I & II



Passivation with High Humidity or Copper Sulfate Testing:

AMS 2700

AMS-QQ-P-35/QQ-P-35 Types II & VI



BAC 5751 

Chemical Conversion 


Chromate Conversion Coating:

AMS 2473

AMS 2474


MIL-DTL-5541 Type I (non-RoHS compliant) & Type II



Anodizing, Chromic acid: 

   MIL-A-8625 Type I, Class I;

   AMS 2470


Anodizing, Sulfuric acid:  

   MIL-A-8625 Type II, Classes I & II;

   AMS 2471; AMS 2472

Special Processing

Clean & Degrease:  AMS-QQ-P-35/QQ-P-35 Para 3.2;

                                ASTM A967

Nickel, Electroless: AMS 2404; AMS 2405;


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